“For 5 years, I had the great gift of managing Laura Cherry. In all my years of being a manager, I never had someone on my team who I enjoyed working with more than Laura.  Laura has the perfect combination of openness, curiosity, talent, conviction, and competitiveness to make her an ideal leader and member of any team. 

Laura’s talents in smart, creative execution led our team to years of ongoing success.  People love working for her and with her.  She uses her wit and sense of humor to navigate through any complex business challenge. She is a true talent and an amazing lady!”

Kristy Sherlund

Brand Director, Comfort Research



“As HR Manager, I watched Laura grow and develop in her career during the seven years that I worked with her at Baudville.  She possesses the characteristics that I look for in an employee.  She is honest, caring, genuine, thoughtful, enthusiastic and positive with amazing talent, passion and a work ethic that has earned Laura high esteem from all levels of the organization. 

By watching Laura interact with her team and seeing how devoted her team is to her, it is very evident that Laura is a great leader.  She sets the bar high, leads by example and is never afraid to do what it takes to get the job done.  Laura  encourages, inspires and invests in her team and makes sure to take time out to celebrate the victories along the way.

If given the opportunity, I would work with Laura again in a heartbeat because of her talent and all of the prior attributes that I mentioned but, most of all, because she is an absolute delight to work with!”

Cindy Gilman

Director of Human Resources, Orthopaedic Associates of Michigan



Laura is an extremely talented designer with a work ethic that makes her a priceless peer and asset to any company. In my time at Baudville I watched her grow into a mature manager and confident creative leader. She is a focused, determined and loyal colleague.”

Katherine Ring

Brand Program Manager, BancVue



“I’ve worked with many designers, and other creative types throughout my career. There are certain individuals that stand out and, leave a lasting impression. Laura Cherry is one of those people. She is honest, talented, and hardworking. I trust her so much I would leave her in charge of my own child (and I have).

I know we’ve never met, but I know you’d be lucky to have Laura.”

James Jursinic

Associate Creative Director, Pathfinders Advertising



GOLD: Mid-Size B2B Company – Cross Channel Campaign

Multi-Channel Merchant, 2011

The Creative team and I worked to create a holiday campaign that would encourage our customers to return to our company for their year-end employee gifts. The launch of the campaign was successful, and we saw sales increase nearly 3% over that same quarter the previous year. The design elements included a holiday catalog, email blasts, social media, our eCommerce website, as well as collateral for our internal sales representatives.



I.N.S.P.I.R.E. Award

Baudville, 2008

An award which recognizes employees who serve as exemplary examples of the core values of the company in their work and interactions with customers and peers. Award recipients are nominated by the Management Team.



Luminary Award

Baudville, 2009 & 2012

An award in which employees nominate a fellow co-worker who shines above the rest. Award recipients exemplify the organization’s core values, are team players, and represent the company well.

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